Bangsar Lutheran Church

The Bangsar Lutheran Church is a modern community church which is part of the Lutheran movement in Malaysia. Known in short as BLC, the church is located along Jalan Abdullah in Jalan Bangsar where it is home for worship among the people here and other parts of the city.

The church started out in the year 2000. Then, it was only a small group of believers who came together in Jalan Utara. Then, the members were young and were mostly below 35 years of age. Then, no one knew how to plant a church and to run one was a big challenge.

After much prayers and planning, the BLC started out with a place provided by the Lutheran Church in Malaysia or LCM. This include funding for renovation and some sustainability funding for the pastor and housing. From there, the BLC would grow into a larger community into providing a platform for Christians to come together and worship the Lord.

The Father’s House

The building is commonly called ‘The Father’s House’ and aptly so. In 2000, there were only 4 rooms before expansion took place in 2010. This was to expand the worship space in order to accommodate more people during the services.

When BLC started, most of the members were Chinese and it will continue to grow to have a larger group of other communities. Today, BLC is home to people from all walks of life including Americans, Europeans, Indians and Australians, among others.

Today, BLC carries out several programmes for its members to come together in fellowship. Each Sunday, there is a prayer breakfast that takes place at 8.30am. This is then preceded with the Sunday Worship at 10.00am where Christians come to the house of the Lord to praise and worship Him.

On the second, third and fourth Sundays, there will be a Sunday School to educate the youth into walking in the Light of the Lord. Meanwhile, Youth Group has their activities on the second and fourth Sundays respectively which is more catered for those who are experiencing changes in terms of growing and development.

The BLC carries out what is known as the LiFE (Life in Faith Everyday) Groups which are basically smaller community groups. These groups are very useful for Christians to come together and grow spiritually. Meanwhile, it is a great platform to fellowship and to strengthen the faith by supporting each other through all types of activities and gatherings.


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