Cameron Highlands Gospel Hall

The Cameron Highlands Gospel Hall is one of the churches located in Tanah Rata in Cameron Highlands. This church provides the platform and venue for protestant Christians to come together in the respective sessions to fellowship and carry out their religious responsibilities in Cameron Highlands as well as for visitors.

Established in 1962, the Cameron Highlands Gospel Hall is part of the larger Brethren Assemblies of Malaysia which includes churches like Jalan Imbi Chapel, the Life Chapel and Kajang Life Chapel in the Klang Valley while other churches in this network are the Seremban Gospel Centre in Negeri Sembilan and the Elim Gospel Hall in Kedah, among many others.

The Brethren churches in Malaysia is part of the Protestant Evangelical Christian churches in the country which together, they share a similar set of biblical doctrines which in turn determines the practices of the church. This movement has a long history which dates back to the 1820s which was the started by the Plymouth Brethren movement.

Located in the town of Tanah Rata, the Cameron Highlands Gospel Hall is involved in providing Christians around the community the place to fellowship with one another through various initiatives. From the early days of the Brethren Movement in Malaysia (then known as British Malaya) through the efforts of Mr and Mrs John Chapman to Penang, the movement would grow into other states where it reached the likes of Taiping, Ipoh, Kampar and to Cameron Highlands.

Like all other Brethren Assemblies, the Cameron Highlands Gospel Hall is a fully autonomous organization. Besides the weekly Christian Fellowship gatherings organized by the Cameron Highlands Gospel Hall which supports the various schools in the area, the church holds weekly worship sessions for people of the Christian faith from all walks of life. The Cameron Highlands Gospel Hall plays an important role as a walking testimony of the Christian faith among the people here through community service projects and programmes, events which cultivate a harmonious and peaceful community among people from different race and backgrounds and many more, all of which helps to improve the livelihood and the betterment of the society.


Name: Cameron Highlands Gospel Hall
Address: 39000 Tanah Rata,
Cameron Highlands
Tel: 09-491 4287

Author: sheila Lee

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