Canning Garden Methodist Church Ipoh

The Canning Garden Methodist Church Ipoh is an active and dynamic Methodist church in the state of Perak. It is part of the Methodist Church in Malaysia which in total has about 160,000 members across the country. Methodism arrived in Malaysia back in 1885 and has grown in size and membership ever since. Today, the Methodist church’s network spans across both west and east Malaysia while being involved in the running of many schools as well.

The Canning Garden Methodist Church Ipoh provides believers the place and avenue to worship the Lord through various initiatives and programmes. Worship celebrations are held weekly on weekends in 3 different languages. The English Language service is held on Saturday at 8.00pm and another on Sunday morning at 8.45am. For those more conversant with Chinese, a dedicated service is held at 9.00am on Sundays at the Kesselring Memorial Hall while the Bahasa Malaysia service is at 10.30am on Sundays at the Multi-Purpose hall which can accommodate around 80 people.

For people in different age groups, the Canning Garden Methodist Church provides services via its different ministries. The CGMC Kids, MYF and MSF are specially dedicated groups with all types of services and programmes while there are the Worship & Music and Christian Education movements as well. Cell groups are carried out around the vicinity to provide Christians in their own respective areas to come together in fellowship, to learn the Word of God, prayer and any other activities to grow together in the light of the Lord.

Name: Canning Garden Methodist Church Ipoh
Address: 23, Jalan Keliling,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605-546 2023




Author: sheila Lee

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