Church of St Jude Rawang

Rawang is a small town in Selangor but has been one of the fastest growing ones in the last decade. It is the home of the Church of St Jude, one of the prominent Catholic churches around.

Long history for Catholic families

Back in the 1950s, Rawang only had about 10 Catholic families within the main town area and about 20 more in the nearby areas. Then, the Catholic families here were visited by priests from churches in Kuala Lumpur each month for mass and other services and this took place in the homes of the families there.

This was done by the MEP or Society of the Paris Foreign Missions. The Catholic families in Rawang were strong and maintained their faith which until 1957 saw the opening of the Church of St Jude.

Inspired by the clerk of Bukit Muchong Estate

Mr Alphonse Gomez and his wife Emilyn vowed to build a chapel in Rawang as he was the clerk of Bukit Munchong Estate. Being childless for many years, they visited the church of St Jude in India, praying for gift of a child. After sharing the drive to build the church of Rev Fr Noel Clement from St Anthony’s Church who shared the same dream, the establishment of the church began. The couple then was blessed with a baby boy whom they named Jude.

Significant priests who contributed to St Jude

There has been many priests who have worked relentlessly to help the Church of St Jude and build it to what it is today. Among them include:

  • Late Rev. Fr. Rene Maurice Vernois, MEP
  • Late Rev. Fr. Louis Guittat, ME
  • Late Rev. Fr. Georges Albert Moreau, MEP
  • Rev. Fr. Paul Wan Yee Tseng
  • Late Rev. Fr. Laurent Le Guen, MEP
  • Late Rev. Fr. Ernest Belet, MEP
  • Late Rev. Fr. Noel Clement
  • Late Rev. Fr. Gilbert Griffon, MEP
  • Late Rev. Fr. Leon Diffon, MEP
  • Late Rev. Fr. Luciuos Su, CDD
  • Fr. Peter Bretaudeau, MEP
  • Fr. Anthony Chan
  • Late Rev. Fr. Philip So
  • Late Rev. Fr. A. Charvet, OMI

Events at Church of St Jude

Each week, the Church of St Jude carries out the Novena on Saturdays and Sunset Mass in English at 6.00pm and 6.30pm respectively. On Sundays, the Tamil Mass starts at 7.30am while the BM and English Mass is at 10.30am. On the first and third weeks of the month, there will be a mandarin mass at 6.00pm.

Church of St. Jude
Address: Jalan Lim Kak (Jalan Welman)
48000 Rawang, Selangor.
Tel: (603) 6091 6907

Author: sheila Lee

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