Covenant Baptist Church

The Covenant Baptist Church is one of the modern churches in the state of Malacca. Located in Padang Temu, the Covenant Baptist Church provides all the facilities for Christians to come together and serve the Lord through prayer and worship. Through its various initiatives and activities held weekly, the Covenant Baptist Church is able to provide the avenue for the congregation to worship the Lord and support one another.

Within a small and humble shoplot, the church meets weekly through its programmes for members who come from all walks of life and age groups respectively. There are sessions held for adults, children and the youth where they can fellowship with each other and God while appreciating the wonders of what the Lord provides.

Worship sessions at Covenant Baptist Church are held on Sunday mornings at 9.30am followed by Coffee Time at 11.00am, a time for fellowship and gatherings of the members. The Sunday School for children is held at 11.15am to teach the young ones on ways to walk in the light of the Lord while the [email protected] is held concurrently. This is catered for the older children and for the youth of Covenant Baptist Church. Meanwhile, adults can indulge in prayer during the Prayer Time.

Throughout the week, the Covenant Baptist Church hold a Bible Study programme on Wednesdays where members come together to learn the Word of God and to fellowship with one another while a Women’s Fellowship is held at the same time as well for sharing and support.

Name: Covenant Baptist Church
Address: 48-1, Jalan PJ 18
Taman Pertam Jaya
Padang Temu
Tel: 017-3613922

Author: sheila Lee

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