Gateway City Church

The Gateway City Church in Penang is a modern and contemporary place of worship for Christians in the state and the surrounding region. It is one of the younger churches in Penang which was established in 2008. The Gateway City Church was started by Pastors Edward and Selina Lim with 5 other adults and their 3 children. The Book of Joshua was the main inspiration that led to the birth of the vision to set up this church. Through the Word of the Lord, the group heed the calling and started to build the church.

The name Gateway was chosen as Penang was singled out as one of the major gateways to the nation which is graced with God’s blessing. The Gateway City Church was commended by the Reservoir Garden Baptist Church and in 2010, it joined the National Evangelical Christians Fellowship.

In May that year, the City Gateway Church moved to its own unit in the building with membership growing slowly but steadily. The church was built in response to the Lord’s call to be the contemporary Joshua and abide by his example. With a slogan to make God famous, the Gateway City Church seeks to grow Christians from all walks of life to live by his Word and to lead a life of righteousness.

As an organisation, the Gateway City Church carries out several ministries catered to people from different age groups. The G-Kids Ministry provides the young ones the avenue and platform to grow with God while the Youth Ministry is involved in helping children grow into purposeful Christians via its programmes and activities. The Young Adults Ministry is catered for single, working adults who are venturing into the world after graduation while the Worship Ministry builds Christians to lead in worship for the Gateway City Church.

Besides that, the church operates the Prayer Ministry, the Hospitality Ministry, Highway Media and Sports Ministry, all of which are designed to help the church to grow. Each week, the Gateway City Church carries out its church celebration service at 5.00pm on Sundays at their premises at the heart of Georgetown, Penang.

Name: Gateway City Church
Address: 4th floor,
52 Jalan Green Hall,
George Town,
10200 Penang

Author: sheila Lee

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