Georgetown Baptist Church

The Georgetown Baptist Church is a dynamic church located in the Georgetown in Penang. Known to be a family and community-oriented church, the Georgetown Baptist Church plays a prominent role in offering religious support services for its members who come to the church from all walks of life.

The Georgetown Baptist Church is naturally a church belonging to the Baptist denomination and through its various ministries offer a broad range of services for its members. There are English, Mandarin and Hokkien congregations operated by the church where it is the main church supporting another branch through Georgetown South.

The church has a long history since it was established in 1956. In fact, the Georgetown Baptist Church has been instrumental in the planting of English-speaking Baptist churches in the state.

As a religious organization, Georgetown Baptist Church is involved in various programmes and initiatives to spread the Word of God to the people of Penang while offering the avenue to support its members.

This is done through ministries which are specifically catered for people from different age groups. The Children Ministry provides lessons and activities to the young one through HIS Kids programme while organizing the Vacation Bible School, a Bible camp for those who want to learn to walk in the Light of God.

The Youth Ministry meanwhile provide support for the teenagers and youth group to be exposed to Christianity while there is the Seniors Ministry that offer support in every aspect for those in the senior age group. Cell groups are very important for the church where members are able to interact and fellowship with each other through smaller groups in their own areas and interest. The Georgetown Baptist Church’s cell group network ensures that members are able to find the support that they need and a place to share their problems with each other.

Services are held each Sunday with the youth having their meetings on Saturdays. Prayer meetings are held on Wednesday evenings to offer members the place to indulge in prayer and a time with the Lord. The Georgetown Baptist Church runs a kindergarten for the younger ones as well.

Name: Georgetown Baptist Church
Address: 14 Jalan Larut,
Tel: 604-2297757

Author: sheila Lee

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