Miri Gospel Chapel

The Miri Gospel Chapel is a community-oriented church in the city of Miri, Sarawak. The church has 2 branches in Miri itself, one in Pelita and another in Senadin. As a church, the Miri Gospel Chapel offers the avenue for Christians to come together and worship the Lord while learning about walking in His Light and living a Godly life.

Through the various efforts and ministries organized by the Miri Gospel Chapel, members of the congregation are able to find their own unique ways to serve God. Worship services are held each week at both the locations on Sunday mornings while there is a Children’s program held at the Pelita branch for the young ones.

Children and the young ones will be able to worship the Lord at the Sunday Junior Worship and Sunday School after that. The Pelita Worship Hall houses a Teens Fellowship for those in this age group of the Miri Gospel Chapel on Sunday afternoons while there is an Young Adult Fellowship as well.

For the adult members of the Miri Gospel Chapel, there are bible study groups and sessions while prayer meetings are held on Thursdays for them to come together in prayer and to support each other. The church provides English and Mathematics tuition for children of members who need such assistance while it has its own Curtin Fellowship ministry catered for those studying in the campus in Senadin. This includes  a Youth Fellowship held on Wednesdays with a prayer meeting held on Sunday mornings.

Name: Miri Gospel Chapel Pelita
Address: Jalan Kosmos 2,
Pelita Commercial Centre,
98000 Miri,
Tel: 085-433 299
URL: http://www.mirigospel.org/

Author: sheila Lee

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