Petaling Jaya Evangelical Free Church

Known in short as PJEFC, the Petaling Jaya Evangelical Free Church is one of the oldest evangelical churches in Malaysia. It started in 1965 by Rev Eric McMurray who came to Petaling Jaya via his attachement with the EFCM or Evangelical Free Church Mission. The Canadian missionary had then started the church 2 years after arriving with a congregation of about 30 people.

Rev Benjamin Sawatsky, who was from Canada as well took over in 1968 where the PJEFC would then be official registered while the congregation grew and this was made up primarily from University Malaya students. From a rented bungalow in Section 14, the church then moved to a permanent church building in 1970. It would use the Luther House Chapel and then in 1981 moves again to its new building in Taman Megah in 1981. In 1989, the PJEFC started running 2 services on Sundays. That same year, the first mission from PJEFC was sent out.

In 1991, PJECF used the third shoplot for its services in Taman Megah before moving to Heritage Center in Section 13 in 2002, the location where it is at until today, catering to the members of the congregations from all walks of life.

Author: sheila Lee

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