Trinity Methodist Church

The Trinity Methodist Church is a Methodist church in the state of Penang. It has a long history which probably linked with the Chinese Methodist Church in the island. It was back in 1895 when Dr West and Mr Lau Seng Chong started working with the Chinese people in Penang. The group of Chinese people were Hokkien-speaking people and they were then known as ‘Gospel Light’, calling themselves ‘Methodists’.

The location they used then was at Galdestone Road, occupying an old shop there and within about 3 months, the group had expanded to a Sunday School, dispensary services and started a Chinese school. This will then continue to grow by size and before long, they moved to Madras Lane in 1937, the space they occupied until present day.

About 2 years later, there was a growing number of children who were attending English schools which mean that there was a need for English services. This prompted the English section of the church to start. This will continue to grow and in 1950, the Sunday School started. Later on, more activities were added including the Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade. It was in 1957 when the Trinity Methodist Church became official and the church never looked back since.

Today, the Trinity Methodist Church is one of the 2 English Methodist churches in Penang where it provides Sunday worship services for its members. The Trinity Methodist Church is part of the TRAC or Trinity Annual Conference of the Malaysian Methodist Church. 3 services are held every Sunday while the church operates its own kindergarten to teach the young ones.

The TMC Care Group Ministry plays an integral role to help the members in terms of providing support and fellowship in their respective areas located around the island like Cheeseman Road, Island Glades, Metro Park, Island Park, Tanjung Bungah and Farlim, among others.

Meanwhile, the Trinity Methodist Church organizes its own youth ministry. This involves having all types of related activities and programmes to instil strong faith and belief among the youth while senior citizens can participate in the various programmes and events under the Methodist Senior Fellowship.

Name: Trinity Methodist Church
Address: 16, Jalan Masjid Negeri,
Tel: 60 4 8287445


Author: sheila Lee

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