Wesley Methodist Church

The Wesley Methodist Church in Kuantan is located along Jalan Gambut where it is a church that provides the place and avenue for Christian Methodist to carry out their faith. As the name implies, the Wesley Methodist Church is part of the Methodist movement in the country. Sunday services are held each week at 10.00am where members of the church can be seen coming together to worship the Lord. The church focuses on the practices and beliefs of the Methodist church which is part of the Protestant Christian faith known across the world.

The Wesley Methodist Church plays a significant role in improving the lives of the people not only within the church but around the vicinity as well. Support groups are provided for the members of the church in various age groups that include men, women, adults, children and through its seniors fellowship. Besides that, prayer meetings are held to help those in need while there are initiatives and programmes that are being carried out for the betterment of the community and society. As such, the Wesley Methodist Church Kuantan is testimony to provide a harmonious and peaceful living environment through its teachings, events and preaching to the members of the church.

Name: Wesley Methodist Church Kuantan
Address: Jalan Gambut
25000 Kuala Kuantan
Tel: 095138533

Author: sheila Lee

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