All Saints Taiping Heritage Church

The All Saints’ Taiping Heritage Church is one of the few churches located in the sleepy town of Taiping. As one of the oldest towns in Malaysia, Taiping has one of the richest history among all the towns and states of the country. The All Saints’ Taiping Heritage Church is one of them.

The original church was actually built in 1887 which has since become a National Heritage Site. In Taiping, the All Saints’ Taiping Heritage Church is actually one of the renowned 33 ‘Firsts’ here like its first railroad and others. Belonging to the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia, it was actually the first English church to be built in the Malay states during that era.

The All Saints’ Church has a unique design and architecture which was the works of an Australian architect, Mr George A Lefroy. It opened its doors in 1887 by the Bishop of Singapore and Sarawak, Right Revd G.F Hose. Located in the heart of Taiping town, it is still very much in its original form which was built using timber. The All Saints’ Church Taiping would then become the Parish Church of North Perak in 1907 and it would grow to become one of the prominent places of worship for its members ever since.

Located not far from the church is the All Saints’ Church (New Church) which was built in 2012. This makes Taiping a very unique place where there are 2 churches with the same dedication located next to each other.

Name: All Saints’ Taiping Heritage Church
Address: 17A Jalan Taming Sari
34000 Taiping

Author: sheila Lee

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