FGA Centre

The FGA Centre is one of the churches in Penang which has been around for more than 30 years now. It started in 1983 when it was known as the Springtide Chapel. This was because the church was held at the Springtide Hotel which would then be changed to Full Gospel Assemblies. 3 years later, the FGA Centre became a branch church for FGA (Full Gospel Assembly) KL and it became Full Gospel Assembly Penang.

From the current site, the church then moved to the Gala Theatre which would then be where it operated until 1997. It would then move to the Majestic Theatre, the location it would then buy over and become the headquarters for FGA Centre. 2 years later, it would move to Wisma FGA Centre. The FGA Centre continued to grow in membership and size where it provides many ministries to support its members from all walks of life.

There are team to support members in English Language, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and Chinese. This means that the FGA Centre carries out celebration services in all the 4 languages as well as one in Myanmar. Besides that, the FGA Centre operates the youth ministry for the young adults, the children’s ministry via Mighty Warrior, the senior ministry for those in the senior ages and its own Boys’ Brigade as well. Cell groups play an important role in connecting with the members with people from all walks of life coming together in their respective areas weekly to be in prayer, fellowship and sharing.

Name: FGA Centre
Address: 10, Jalan Air Itam,
Mukim 16 Air Itam,
11500 Penang
URL: http://fgacentre.org/

Author: sheila Lee

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