Global Harvest Ministries Perlis

Located in the smallest state in Malaysia, Perlis is the Global Harvest Ministries church. It all started in a small house in Bayan Baru Penang by Pastor Ragunathan and Sumathy. This was in 2003 when Pastor Ragunathan moved to Kangar after taking up a lecturing position in the state.

As a strong believer in the Word of God, Pastor Ragunathan and Sumathy never stopped serving in their own home which would usually numbers around 20 to 30 people at any time. Sumathy would lead in praise and worship while Pastor Ragunathan would preach the Word of God and soon after, the Lord called on the pastor to build a sanctuary by moving into a new shop house building. With only RM5,000 and his faith in God, he did so as commanded and THE Global Harvest Ministries was born in 2009.

This would come under the Global Harvest Ministries of Penang with services held on Saturdays. A year later, the name ‘Christ-Like Transforming Ministries’ were started which provided the platform to build 9 areas like the Message Centre, the Prayer Centre, education, business and other centres, all of which were set up to provide better support services to the church and its members.

Today, the Global Harvest Ministries plays an important role for the Christians in the northern region where it operates a youth movement for the young adults while the children ministry provides the platform and avenue for the young ones to grow and walk in the light of God.

Name: Global Harvest Ministries Perlis
Address: No.6, 1st Floor, Jalan Jejawi Semantan,
Taman Utara, Jejawi,

Author: sheila Lee

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