Ipoh Church of Christ

The Ipoh Church of Christ started in 1983 with a humble beginning of a small group of Christians. Then, they met at the residence of Bro Frank Leong which before long would grow with more families joining in. For the next 20 years or so, the Church of Christ would have to relocate 5 times which was all within the Ipoh Garden vicinity.

That which started out in a home then moved to a shop house and then to another before reaching the Bertam premises. It was only in 2004 that the Church of Christ was able to purchase its own building which would become its permanent location to present day which is in Ipoh Garden East.

The Ipoh Church of Christ has been growing steadily over the years, organizing programmes and evangelical events to spread the Word of God to the community around Ipoh and the state. The church aims to tell the community about the Good News and to continue God’s work throughout the state, touching and transforming lives along the way and to save more souls to bring to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Each week, it provides its Worship session in Chinese from 9.45am onwards. This includes the Bible classes as well as Sunday School while the English Language worship session is held at 10.45am. Besides that, a monthly fellowship event is held on every second Saturday of the month starting from 7.30pm while those who want to learn the Word of God can come together on Fridays at 8.00pm for Bible classes.

Name: Church of Christ, Ipoh
Address: 46 Lintasan Perajurit 6
Ipoh Garden East
31400 Ipoh
Tel: +60(17) 891 9853
URL: http://www.ipohchurchofchrist.org/

Author: sheila Lee

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