Methodist Centre Putrajaya-Cyberjaya

The Methodist Centre Putrajaya-Cyberjaya, or more fondly known as MCPC is one of the few churches providing Christians the place to worship and praise the Lord in the twin cities of Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

Putrajaya is the main administrative centre for the government of Malaysia where there is a simple community of Christians. As such, the Methodist Centre Putrajaya-Cyberjaya is the ideal place for them to come together each week to fellowship with one another and to serve the Lord, together with other Christians of the neighbourhood.

Located not far from each other, the two cities are among the most modern developments in Malaysia. As a growing community, the growing number of Christians here can now congregate and to learn the Word of God while becoming living testimonies for the local residents. The Methodist Centre Putrajaya-Cyberjaya was established in 2011 and it has grown to become a very community and family-oriented church for the people here who are government servants, expatriate works and foreign students, among others.

The Methodist Centre Putrajaya-Cyberjaya was formerly known as the Putrajaya Methodist Preaching Point or PMPP when it was first established which would only change to the current name in 2012. The church now operates at NeoCyber 2 in its own premises where there is a prayer meeting held in MCPC while its location in Putrajaya organizes the weekly bible study that comes around on Wednesdays. Saturdays are when the Youth Cell-group meetings are held while Sunday services are held at 8.30am every week.

Name: Methodist Centre Putrajaya-Cyberjaya
Address: No. 18-1, B12 Avenue,
Neo Cyber, Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat
63000 Cyberjaya

Author: sheila Lee

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