St Patrick’s Anglican Church Sabah

The St Patrick’s Anglican Church in Sabah is one of the oldest churches in the East Malaysian state. This came about from the visit by Reverend Elton who came to Tawau more than a hundred years ago. In fact, it started in 1899 when Rev Elton came with a vision of planting a church and a school in the town. It took him about 18 years to have this dream come true when the St Patrick’s School and Church was opened when Rev T. C Alexander came here from Sandakan.

Several reverends would then take charge of the St Patrick’s Church and School which will see the church survive the world war and in 1962, the first permanent church was built. To date, the St Patrick’s Church has planted 6 other churches around the region which have since become autonomous. Through this, the church has since grown to become a congregation of more than 700 people where it recently celebrated its 95th anniversary.

The St Patrick’s Anglican Church is the official seat of the Sabah Diocese. It provides a bilingual service for its members on Saturday nights while its Sunday services are held every Sunday morning. Besides that, the St Patrick’s Anglican Church is one of the few churches that provides a service in Hakka for the Chinese community who speak this language while it has its own Mandarin service as well. Meanwhile, the St Patrick’s Anglican Church carries out its own Bahasa Malaysia Sunday morning services as well catered for the local members here.

Name: St Patrick’s Anglican Church Sabah
Address: Jalan Dunlop,
91000 Tawau, Sabah

Author: sheila Lee

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