True Jesus Church Labuan

Despite having a small population as compared to all other states in Malaysia, the Federal Territory of Labuan has a strong community of Christians. The Labuan True Jesus Church is one of the very active churches here which has been around for almost a hundred years.

The True Jesus Church Labuan was started by Brother Yap Kong Fui back in the early 1930s. Bro Yap was transferred to Labuan for a work assignment. It was around September that year the Dn Philip Tyan visited Bro Yap in Labuan and prayer house was established in Membedai at Dr Titus Yap’s home.

Then, there were about 20 members and Dr Philip Tyan would frequently visit and help in Labuan and by 1935, the group grew. The Second World War saw a break for the church and it was only in 1950 when the local authority gave Bro Tsen $300 for the destruction of the church which was then used to purchase a land that saw the building of the church built.

The True Jesus Church will then undergo several changes in the later stages which will see the numbers grow by until the year 2000 where it has more than a hundred members who are made up of the locals as well as those coming in from other states for education or work. Sabbath services are provided weekly with Friday sermons while there are prayer meetings held to support church members. The church has its own fellowship ministries for the youth and education while it has a choir group as well.

Name: True Jesus Church Labuan
Address: 8KM, Jalan Pohon Batu,
Kampung Lajau
87008 Labuan FT.
Tel: 087 461828

Author: sheila Lee

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